USA 2017        workshops and demonstrations, preparings

Metalmuseum Memphis, forging on the river

Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing, Waynesboro Virginia

Michael Bondi Design, Richmond California

Darryl Nelson, Mt. Hood, Oregon

Center for Metal Arts     Johnstown PA USA, 2022

Visiting and forging

"The Center for Metal Arts believes deeply in preserving and growing the history and craft of high-quality American forged metalwork and fostering a world-class environment for learning. Our mission is to preserve and grow this historic art in our Johnstown location by producing traditional tools, developing and delivering best in class educational programs for artists and blacksmiths, and revitalizing the legacy Cambria Ironworks machinery to facilitate large-scale artistic forging. CMA is located in the Cambria Iron National Historic Landmark in Johnstown, PA." ( Patrick Quinn)

I had the joy to try out those giant hammers, forging a face together with Patrick and Mike, what a honour ( CF)